Possible Graphics Card for Asus P5MLD2-VM and 450W PSU

Hi I have recently managed to get a very basic system (I did not build it). It has an integrated Intel GPU right now which is not exactly very useful. My question is this:

1) The motherboard is a Asus P5MLD2-VM (PSU is 450W), I am not sure what kind of PCI slot this motherboard does have, the one that I can see on it is about 10 - 8 cm long. (Is there any way to check what kind of PCI slot this is using the bios or something?)

2) If it IS a PCI slot would it be possible to attach a modest low - medium range graphics card to it? (I am looking at a Radeon HD 5450 series card or something similar)

Additional info:

Even though it is a 450W PSU I suspect that this system is overclocked, (I saw something on the BIOS along the lines of voltage to the CPU increase and some other info which hint towards an overclock), The CPU is at 3.2Ghz (Intel Pentium Dual Core). So is it possible that it is overclocked (if so will this mean I have less wattage left for a GPU?

Also there is one case fan at the front, does this use up a significant chunk of the PSU as well?

Overall the system does feel like it is overclocked (what with the old hardware in it)

Help would be appreciated.

PS I cant seem to find information on this particular motherboard anywhere for some reason T.T

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    Yes here is your MOBO and it does have a PCIe x 16 slot and the GPU you are looking at may or may not work. The reason it the AMD cards are a 2.1 and the nVidia are a 2.0 and your MOBO is a 1.0.

    Now they are all suppose to work with each other. The 2.1 cards have been known not to work with the 1.0 PCIe slots. So if you can test the card out before you buy to make sure it will work would be the way to go.

    If It works then no problem. If it doesn't then look at a nVidia card like a GTS 450. the 2.0 ones will for sure work. The 2.1, 2.0, 1.0 is the speed at which the info travels Anyway here is your MOBO. Good luck to you.
  2. Thanks, I think Ill consider that nvidia card then, but another problem I i do get it while there be issues with bottlenecking as the card can't have a high transfer rate to the motherboard (since the motherboard is 1.0) ?
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  4. No bottlenecking and you probably won't even notice it on the difference since it is not a high end card. You will be good to go. Thank you and good luck to you.
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