Sudden Rise in Temperature?

So I bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus heatsink and fan for my AMD 8150 8 core proccessor, and the temperature dropped about 12C, however recentley my temperatures are rising again.

This all began when I rebooted my PC for a windows update when a window which usually goes away after a few seconds just stayed there and it said "CPU Fan Error", so I went into my bios settings and set a fan speed, and it seemed to be fixed. Now my CPU temperatures are higher, I idle around 35C and I play LoL at around 48C (I used to idle at like 29C and play LoL at around 40-42C). I don't know what's wrong with my CPU/Fan? Could this be the product of too much thermal paste, I may have used too much at the time but this was applied almost 2 or 3 weeks ago? Anyone?
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  1. If it worked properly previously then there might not be a problem with thermal paste.
    I think your current temperature is right. 12c seems dangerously low unles you are using liquid cooling. If the fans are working right then you must replace the heat sink.
    Also check for extra thermal paste. Won't hurt to check. Make sure it is making proper contact with the heat sink. Make sure the contact of heat sink with the processor is right.
  2. I meant my temperature with with stock from the temperature of the cooler master heatsink/fan dropped my temperature by 12C, not making it 12C -_-, and I'll check to see if everything lines up and if there is any excess thermal paste.
  3. Oh sorry about that I read it incorrectly.

    If that works run a few stress tests and see it that temperature doesnot increase erratically.
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