Evga GTX 670 4GB SC Review

I'm looking to buy an Evga GTX 670 4GB SC and was wondering if there have being any reviews on this card? I have heard people are having issues with overclocked geforce 600s, any owners of this card in the forums?
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  1. i dont own one but why are you getting this. if you are not running multi monitor, this version will suit you much better


    oh and here are some reviews on the model you are looking for

  2. Apparently the evga 670/80/90 super clocked editions had a recall, any other brands sell the 670 4gb edition?
  3. im still asking why you would need a 4gb card...and no. it doesnt seem any other brands sell 4gb 670s
  4. running multi monitor, looks like zotac selling 4gb, not sure if they are any good though.
  5. im pretty sure that they fixed the problem with the 670 4gb so i wouldnt really worry. plus, evga is pretty dam good with their customer support so if you need anything, they can help out :)
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