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I'm looking for a good TFT 17 with a good response time (20ms or less).
What's the difference between the LG L1710S and the L1710B. I know the L1710B have a DVI and an USB 1.1 port.
Some sites lists the L1710B as having 16ms and others 20ms.
What gives?
The L1710S is always listed as having a 20ms total response time.

I just don't find any decent reviews about those, which I don't understand because I just see these LG TFT's in almost any shop (here in Europe).

I discovered that there is a new L1711S (no DVI) on some german site which has a 16 ms response time, but can't find any more info about it.

Does anyone has any experience with one of these LG 17" TFT's ?

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  1. this link will anwser your qns: http://arstechnica.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=tpc&s=50009562&f=67909965&m=4190936913&p=75

    The latest 1710s and 1710B should both have the in house LG 16ms panels.

    I just bought a 1710s a week ago, really like its sharpness and so far color looks good too. I've turned the brightness down to 20% or less and at that level, there is lack of screen regularity. Scrolling on webpages seems to induce a slight dullness and blurring.
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