Harddrives disappears

Any trick on how to get windows7 to keep seeing your slave drives?
I have tried un-sleeping, increased time to 999min. All drives have drive letters & are listed as active and healthy etc. Each have mix of ide but mostly sata drives. Windows have been updated.

I have a small office with 8 computers trying to run Windows 7 now. All fresh installs onto new sata drives @ 2 weeks now. (The old xp drives was just turned off awaiting reformat). Everyone is starting to have the same problem with drives that disappears. On some of the computers it happens as quickly as in 5 min, sometimes right as you moving one file on one drive over to another drive. Nothing but rebooting all day.

Any clues?
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  1. Assuming that your drives are all present in your Device Manager and properly installed, try this...
  2. The best answer to the problem I think we found here:


    We had to work today so we went back to using the old xp drives for now. In the end we could just barely start up, check disk manager and open 2 explorer windows and see the explorer window close as the drives disappeared.

    I wish my check for the Windows7 OS to Microsoft could do the same.
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