Random hard crash mass freeze-not solved yet

Hello, I am, what I call, a marathon gamer. When I sit down for a gaming session I want to be able to game with out interruption for 12-18 hours at a time. I built this system with that in mind. Any advice or suggested method is completely welcomed and very much appreciated. If there is ANYTHING more I could give as far as info goes please let me know I will be all to happy to provide. Again thank-you very much for any and all help given. :)
Sys Spec
AMD FX 8120
Sabertooth 990FX
Corsair 600w psu
16GB Patriot Ram(4x4)
EVGA Geforce GTX560 2GB
Hitachi 2TB 7200
Corsair 90gig SSD

I get random system lock ups. system ran beautiful up until a few days ago. I have been watching the temp as well and I never have gone past 59C> Seem hot still? I am praying that all it is, is the PSU very simple fix. If you agree what size PSU should I have (min and best in slot) if there is ANYTHING else I can provide please let me know
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  1. I am not sure if this is relevant or not but my locking up started after I did a system restore. my alternate solution(most hopeful) is to get ALL of the windows updates installed and see if it still gives me that problem I will come back here and post results
  2. First glance seems to indicate your PSU is not the problem.

    Definitely do all the updates. Update all the drivers as well. Run Malwarebytes, CCleaner, your virus checker (even run the virus checker in safe mode. .See what that does for the lockups.

    Let us know...

    edit: Why did you do the restore?
  3. I initially did a restore because the system started behaving oddly. A Couple random restarts, felt as though I had a virus of some sort. I did the restore for a precautionary pre cursor. It ran smooth a few days then the random lock ups started happening.
  4. So far I have:
    Installed all windows updates up to Service Pack 1
    -I am having an issue getting service pack 1 installed I have the system update readiness tool installed but for some reason it keep failing-still working to resolve and will update later.
    Ran malwarebytes, CCleaner, virus(safe mode)-all checked out nothing to report
    Made sure that ALL drivers we up to date

    so far this has been the longest I have been able to run without any freeze ups.**fingers crossed** someone up there is smiling on me and my problem is solved. Still I will finish updates and work towards gettin service pack 1 installed. If there is anything you may think I could do to solve the service pack 1 issue, I am all ears :)

    I will continue my endeavor to succeed. post back later :)
  5. /bangHeadwall

    well no sooner than I said it, IT happened, crash! I am having the hardest time getting win7 sp1 installed, could this be the culprit? I have ran just about every windows troubleshooting senario, still froze up/crashed. Still not able to successfully install service pack 1. Is therte anything you may be able to think of for me to try, as always, I am all ears :)

    Again, if there is ANY info I can give that you may need please let me know.

    PS I started up and was playing Diablo III for about 30-45 mins when it froze up.
  6. Doubt that SP 1 is the culprit...

    Service pack one had some issues where if an update was installed out of order it would not install. Don't remember where I read it. Do you get an error code? Google it for help.

    What checker did you run in safe mode?

    Try also

    Have you also run error checking software for that drive?

    Has you seen:
  7. System is running cool as well? No dust bunnies anywhere?
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    Its Your PSU I was having this issue with an older pc I had. The psu was getting hot and freezing or just exiting games. Check and see if all fans are working on the supply . 600Watt maybe a little low for that system as well I know that card draws a lot more power than newer cards. I changed the power supply on mine and it fixed all my issues. You could go buy one (maybe a 750watt or greater) at future shop and swap it out if it still fails then bring it back.

    OK EDIT: I just read that your processor under full load draws 252 watts. So you need a new PSU. Your Video card under full load is over 300watt . So if you stress both of these at the same time thats no power left for any other components and it will just shut off.

    will this one do? I have a budget of 160US. I am currently using the 600W version.

    I will pick this one up sometime this morning get it installed and come back and update my post as the days wears on.

    I would just like to say thank-you, to both of you for taking time to answer me while I tear my hair out trying to diagnose the problem. Thanks also to for providing a place where us techs can come during our moments of despair :).

    ill be back later to post results.

    thanks again guys!
  10. Yes that one will do just fine
  11. have it installed. my system was at a point where it wouldnt even boot. put new psu in and booted up perfect first time. We are looking extrememly hopeful at this point. will post back a little later
  12. Thats great!
  13. hopeful? more like a pipe dream at this point....the new psu fixed a few things, unfortunately I am still locking up hard. I had the system running in safe mode last night it ran for about 6 hours no crash. when i boot normal I am lucky if I last 15-20mins before a lock up. I am going to let it run in safe mode again and see if it was just a fluke or not.

    if there is any kind of info I could give that may shed a little light on the subject let me know. I am just wondering why I would run flawless for a whole month. is there any software i can get that can check everything in my machine? I may be reaching at this point but holy cow this problem doesnt wanna be found :(

    ps the temperatures are all in the green zone highest heat spike was only 55 and not for very long at all. I think I can rule out a heating issue? well I hope anyway :/
  14. after systematically testing each piece of hardware I have at last found success. It looks as tho my usb headset was shorting out causing my system to freeze up solid. Watch now that I came and posted something else will strip me of my success, and Ill be back to the drawing board. I must say coming here and reading thru everything I never would have thought to check it as I did. Thanks THW! I am not quite ready to "close out the chapter" just yet. I will post back with updates.
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  16. i was premature in thinking my problems were solved. This morning I woke up to a frozen computer again. I am currently running in safe mode and there has been zero problems. Thus making me think that I am suffering from a driver issue

    when I open up my device manager I am seeing a lot of multiple entries such as when I clk on my keyboard in the device mgr it shows as having two "HID Keyboard Device" my mouse shows 2 "HID compliant mouse" but in safe mode it shows one.

    under sound,video,and game controllers it shows four(4) Nvidia high definition audio. My sound card(ob) is realtek. Is there a way for me to show you what my device manager looks like? to me it looks as tho there are many "redundant" entries.

    it DOES NOT crash or freeze in safe mode. so that is telling me that I have a driver issue, right?
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