Cooler master Cosmos 1000 parts needed

hi there,

so i bought a second hand cooler master cosmos 1000 recently with some missing parts, now although this doesn't bother me much i would still like to have a front door and some bay covers , i live in the UK so i cant do the part request you can do in the US .
any suggestions please would be very helpful.

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  1. its discontinued, ur best bet is call toll-free customer support and ask if they have the avaible parts:

    f you still prefer to contact us on phone, please dial 1-888-624-5099 or 909.673.9880

    the 1888 been the free one
  2. i would call it but i dont think they can do much for me as i live in the UK
  3. well besides that i dunno,. try ebay maybe, ur asking something difficult to find, its out of my reach sorry ;p
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