Second psu just for fans

Hey guys, currently I'm building my own case and thinking of using 2 psu (both 500w, thermaltake tr2 and spare cheap psu) for my system, each psu running individually

Thermaltake psu will be use for cpu cooler, mobo, gc and hardisks, while the cheap psu will be use for case fans (around 10) and led.

I'll be putting a switch between black and green wire on cheap psu to control the fan, but is it safe to run this setup since there's only going to be load on 4 pin molex rail. Are there any safety measure that I need to know?

Been googling for answer and still end up confused
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  1. why not just buy one good powersupply, alot simpler and easier to run,

    if u do wanna do this, i can recommand u something, whats ur budget?
  2. Have extra powersupply unit lying around so was thinking of doing this. New powersupply will be my last resort as the cost of buying new powersupply (or any pc parts) is quite expensive in my country

    my last resort would be corsair GS800, should that be ok? cost around 180usd after conversion

    use extreme psu calculator, with spec below, and the result for recommended wattage is 358w
    amd 960t
    gigabyte ga870-ud3
    sapphire 6850
    2 x 4gb ddr3
    4 hdd
    10x 120mm fan

    should that be enough for thermaltake tr2 500w to handle? Dont really know the accuracy of extreme psu calculator

  3. give me a link to the website ur ordering, using 2 powersupply units is alright, but i generally suggest just one decent one.
  4. Its from a local computer shop, we still rely on local shops here, there is no online shop
  5. whats ur other power supply choices?
  6. Coolermaster Gx750, not sure about the price, should be cheaper than corsair, though prefer corsair quality
  7. go for the corsair gs800 than u wont be sorry quite good quality for the price :)
  8. alright, thank you, will go for that as my last resort
  9. Fan's don't use that much power, so you can power a lot from a PSU.
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