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I have been out of the computer scene about 5 years been stuck in Xbox looking into a new build buying parts here and there over the next 2 months I can get a core i5 750 for 80$ how does that compare to the 2011-2012 models I was looking at this one but I could save 120$ I'm trying to save as much money as I could but willing to save up and spend some more thanks in advance.
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  1. first generation clarksdale like I have, i would recomend you opt for second generation sandy bridge minimum mate
  2. Its actually a lynnfield but how big of a difference would I see from that generation compared to sandy bridge or ivy bridge ?
  3. heres a bench for you. they dont have the 3450 so the 2500k should do it

    just add 5% to the i5 2500k to see the difference
  4. I have a great idea for you, go down to micro-center, pick up a 2500k for 160 Dollars.
    And have a good time.
  5. id get the 3570k instead
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I'll just wait and get the ivy bridge. I'll be happier with it I assume.
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