The beginning of building a PC ... static electricty question

I have a big pile of parts in my study (that was fun) that should turn in to a PC ... but when I looked this morning nothing happened? I must have bought the "some assembly required" parts ...

I have read lots about static electricty but I have a basic confusion. I am on a wood floor, card table with rubber feet, open metal case setting on top. I can touch this case but I don't get how that discharges anything ... the case isn't grounded and neither is the table, floor or me.

I'm thinking I need a wire running from a screw in the center of an outlet (which would be a grounded) to the case so that there is a way for any static discharge to actually happen.

Can I get a clue (or buy a vowel perhaps)???
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    Well, sounds like you should be pretty well covered, but generally just having your hand touching something like the metal case should be enough. People like to have all these really elaborate setups to prevent ESD, but really you just need to touch some kind of conductive surface, like the case of the computer, so any charge built up around your body can be transferred somewhere else harmless.
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