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hey fellas, my buddy has an extra sound card he is not using, it's the Sound Blaster Live X Gamer and I currently have a TBS Monetgo(sp) II, he said he'll give it 2 me 4 free, so if it is better than my current sound card i'll switch em', anyone?
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  1. Nope, it's not better. I believe the Montego 2 was a Vortex 2 card, correct? My Vortex2 sounds WAY better than my Live Platinum. If your Vortex 2 does not sound close to perfect, use the tweak settings.

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  2. well in that case , i'm smellin' ebay!
  3. Because sound and music is so subjective, I would recommend you test out the SoundBlaster card. Just make sure that all the drivers from your TBS Monetgo(sp) II are deleted, and that you place your SoundBlaster card on PCI Slot # 3. If you find that it sounds better, keep it, if not, then go to EBAY!

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