Good for gaming or no.

Games like MW3,NFS:The Run,BF3,And more on Max
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  1. OK, not great.
    Some concerns:

    For the budget, it looks a bit weak on the graphics card, compared to the cpu.
    My rule of thumb is to spend twice your cpu budget on the graphics card for a gamer.

    Also, is the 800w psu of a quality brand? Only 500w is needed for the 7850.

    I am uncertain if a B75 based motherboard can be properly overclocked.
    It looks like a Cheap M-ATX motherboard.

    No cpu cooler.

    As to value, compile a list of the parts purchased individually, and see how it compares.
    bottom line--------------------------- I think you can do better.
  2. I would suggest going a new build route and start here:
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