Eyefinity reverts to duplicate screens on boot?

I've got an eyefinity setup with 2 24" and 1 23" screens, all 1920x1080, running through crossfired AMD 6950's, and I've got a few issues with it. I've noticed that the only way too have the third monitor recognised is to start with it unplugged, it seems that whichever monitor is plugged into the mini display port adapter does not get picked unless its not plugged in at boot, and is then plugged in during the "starting windows" screen. This is a real pain to have to do every single time I start my pc, but I don't really know why it happens. The other issue is that once it reaches the log in screen, for a few seconds it is in the same eyefinity display I always have it in, but after two or three seconds, it all the screens black out for a second and return as duplicated displays. I log on, and catalyst control centre still thinks eyefinity is running fine, so I disable it, then re-enable it, and it is back to normal. Having to do both of these things every time I turn on the computer can't be a normal procedure, has anyone had this issue, or at least know of something I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance!
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  1. have you got the most recent drivers?
  2. bluehowell said:
    have you got the most recent drivers?

    Yes, I've updated them every time there is any possible update available.
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