Help!! Can't play audio CD's on both my drives!

I can play audio CD's with only windows media player. Winamp and creative playcenter don't work. Windows media player sucks it has crappy sound quality. My primary drive is Creative 5x DVD with DMA enabled. Since this problem began, I have reformatted my hard drive once and it is still the same. If anyone knows what might be wrong and how to fix it, thanks.
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  1. Do you know if you have an audio cable running to your sound card from the drive?

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  2. nope nothing going to my sound card. I remember ousting my DXR3 decoder card cuz it sux, i think there were some wires going from the drive to it, but the wire doesn't appear to fit my sound card. You're saying that there are some wires coming out of my drive(s) that should connect to my sound card? there are 3 identicle places to plug wires into my sound blaster, so i'm guessing that is for 3 separate drives. So should i find a stray plug in my case and wire it up? what do they look like and is there only one place they can fit?
  3. yep.
    sounds like you need the audio line.

    if you look at the 3 4pin connections on your sound card there should be some printing above/below/underneath them

    aux in aux out line in
    or lables to that effect
    you need to plug the cd audio line into the cd one.

    the actuall cable is usually grey, thin, has 3 or 4 wires in the grey sheath, and has a flat black connector at each end.

    and no... dont just plug in any stray plug.
    if you dont have one, go buy one for a buck or two.

    on the back of your cd/dvd drive there are a number of plugs pins.
    going from right to left they are:
    4 big fat pins for the power connector
    20 odd pins for the ata cable (derr)
    set of 8 pins with a jumper to determine the drives master/slave status
    narrow slot for the cd audio connector.

    some latter drives also have another smaller slot for digital output.

    hope this helps.

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  4. You would have received an audio cable with your CD drives and your sound card.

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