My MSI GTX560Ti Twin Frozr III is too noisy

Hi everyone,

I'm seeking some advice here. About half a year ago or something I bought a new computer, because the old one broke. I put in a GFX card which I'm pretty sure is a MSI Twin Frozr III with a GTX560Ti GPU.

I've only begun using it for more taxing games now (Withcer II and Metro 2033), and now I find it is too loud. Yes, so loud it ruins my gaming experience, I don't have any measures, but subjectively just too loud. This was something I forgot about when I bought the card, just looked at the FPS count vs price I guess.

For the record my cabinet is an Antec P182 I believe (several years old), I think it has decent ventilation.

I'm seeking advice on how to proceed to a situation where I hopefully can get a good gaming experience without too much noise.

Option 1) I have had good experience before with buying another cooler from Arctic for another noisy GFX card. They seem to have a good selection for this card:
I guess this is the cheapest, but since my GFX card is an overclocked version, I'm worried it might not be enough. Don't want to use more money on something that won't work anyway.

Option 2) Buy another GFX card that is more silent, and performs about the same. This seems a bit expensive, since I already have a GFX card though. But in this case, could you recommend a good silent one with about equal performance (doesn't need to be exact, I'm not a power gamer) that has a decent price?

All opinions welcome.

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  1. hey are you playing all game in 1080p with ultra setting . i asking becoz i am going to buy 570 what so you think about 570
  2. Hi,

    have your card fell down or hitted hard with something just restore your mind if that is the case. I also telling you that if you have a good experience with the graphics card then open it to see whats going inside the card I mean FAN's look surround the fan if something is hitted with the fans, also spin the fans with hand potentially if you observe if the fans are a bitty hard to spin then it is ok, if you feel loose then change the whole cooling system, by the way what is you fan speedK
  3. xtreme5:
    Afaik the card hasn't fell down or hit anything.

    I don't know how to check fan speed. I'll try to fiddle with the fans later today though. See what it feels like.

    I run the Withcer II in high spec and it seems to run smooth. Ultra is sluggish, not playable imo. I run in 1680x1050.

  4. then do the procedure which I've posted on the top.
  5. wait wait, first download the program like MSI afterburner, there you can adjust the fanspeed. Reduce it might be it help to decrease the loudness.
  6. xtreme5:

    Thanks for the tip about MSI Afterburner. Just tried it out, and yes, it's definitely the GPU fan that's noisy (for a moment I was wondering if it might have been the CPU cooler, but no, it's the GPU fan).

    I don't know what speed the fan is running at, I don't think the tool says so, but at around 50% manual setting I think it gets too noisy.

    I guess I could manually reduce the speed while playing, but wouldn't this be a big risk?

    Also tried to fiddle around with the fans. They don't seem "hard to spin", but they are not loose either in any direction. I can pull and tear at them without it seeming like they move at all (except for the direction they're supposed to of course).

    I mostly feel like going for a new GPU cooler now, since it's cheaper than buying a new card.

  7. Have you blown the dust out recently ?

    Is it a sound as if the card is hitting the shroud or a whiring air sound ?

    Run OCCT GPU test after setting fan speeds in Afterburner....monitor GPU temps thru the test...if ya stay under 82C ya fine.
  8. It's a sound a bit like the fan is sliding at something (does that make sense? My english...).. Like it needs oil or something, which I don't suppose it does.

    But it's definitely not a sound like it's moving a lot of air.

    Thing is if I move the fans slowly myself, I'm pretty sure they're not touching anything.
  9. Ok, I bought the Accelero Twin Turbo II from arctic and that solved the problem (though it added around 15% to the vga card price you could say).

    It's now fairly silent.
  10. I looked up the Accelero Twin Turbo II. Do you put that on top of your Twin Frozr?
    Seems like a lot of unnecessary fans.

    Is your GPU under warranty? Mine runs super quiet even under load.
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