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So i have a nzxt phatom white, and im looking to paint the black stripes it has (trim) i think they call it i just wanted to know what have people used for paint, and of course primer but what color and where , What type of sand paper , and also i wanted to paint my RAM heat spreaders, what type of paint to use on that cause i dont want the paint to melt. and do Thanks
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  1. http://case-mods.linear1.org/case-mod-101-how-to-paint-your-computer-case-part-1/

    this should get u started mate :)
  2. Thanks i checked it out i was mainly concern about removing the trim pices of the NZXT case but i was doing it last night ending up breaking 3 of them .... so not really happy
  3. well sorry i just gave u the best information i could, never promised to be a painting master,

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