I7 cooling issues

This is an i7 3930k, Well I've somewhat fixed it so it doesn't shut down every 30 minutes(It's already shut down twice due to high temps, spread over I'd say a 3 hour period), so I shut down, waited an hour or so, took off the H60, reapplied thermal paste, and reinstalled the H60 and screwed it in TIGHT.

Then when I restarted I checked idle temps and they ranged anywhere from 41-43(most common) to 50C at times(rare). I added an extra fan on the case side to blow air on the CPU area(Before this I had 2 fans, one with the H60 and another blowing towards the GPU), is there anything else I can do.

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  1. The 2011 6 cores are some hard suckers to cool. They get pretty warm. But those temps are fine. unless you have a R4E or souch board and custom loop cooling I wouldn't even expect to see 5GHZ. Now a slight overclock can be achieve with your Cooler but its not needed. the 3930K is a beast chip for any circumstance
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