I dont know what psu i need

im making a new computer build this is what i plan on using

cpu-amd fx 4170
mobo-asus sabertooth 990fx
cpu cooler- cm v6 gt
ram- gskill ares 8 GB (2x4) 240 pin ddr3
gpu- zotac gtx 570
hdd- two 500GB 7200rpm caviar blue western digital in a raid configuration
drives- lite on BD/dvd/cd read/write
case- cm storm enforcer
(i might oc and i might get an additional gpu and go for an sli configuration)

the hardest part for me is the psu. ive gone to asustek psu calculator along with xtreme psu calculator and thermaltake (witch is pretty much the same as xtreme)
asustek recommends a 1000 watt power supply and xtreme says 843 watts. which one do i listen to? can one of you recommend anything. ive searched the forums but each scenario is different from mine.
also if i go over the recommend amp on the 12v rail is that ok or will it fry everything like a deep fried corndog at the country fair
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  1. You listen to neither since you have one 570. At most, get a 650W PSU. However, I would suggest ditching the 570 as the 7850 OCs without voltage increase to beyond its levels and is cheaper. Will also only require a 500W PSU.
  2. microcenter sells a nice pc power and cooling mk3 600w for 49.99 after MIR

    if you are getting a nice rig, id definitly stick towards the intel side or at least get a phemom ii x4 965 BE
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    If you are planning to OC, go for 750w, and if not, get 600w. Also get a reputable brand like Antec or Corsair. Psu calculators will usually result in far more watts than you actually need.
  4. +1 750W
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  6. 600W or 650W good quality 80 PLUS PSU, i prefer once that have been reviewed and load tested with starting price of at least 70$ (cheap PSU with hi 750+ watt rating usually lies)
  7. thanks that was the best help in 5 minutes span ever haha
  8. 750W is only needed if you CF/SLI. Otherwise, it is a waste of $.
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