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Good evening boys and girls,

Been looking at joining for a while -- finally taking the time to do so. Glad to be here!

I'm looking for a processor for my build. I've been on a budget, and I've acquired non-RMA parts over the course of a couple of months, but hopefully since work has been picking up, that will be a non-issue soon. That said, I picked up the NZXT Phantom full-ATX case, NZXT 1000W modular PSU, a Samsung 2TB HDD, etc. Still haven't bought a CPU, motherboard, or memory -- On those, I'm back and forth all the time. I want to get all three at the same time, in case I have to RMA any of them.

My plan was to get the i7-3820, and pair it with the Asus Rampage IV Extreme, but I have two questions. One, is the performance boost to the i7-3930K worth the extra $250?

Second, how long is the LGA2011 socket sticking around? I'd like to drop some decent cash now, then go all out with the Haswell-E when it rolls out. Will it also be LGA2011? Will they change the chipset? I apologize if none of these questions have answers yet, but I'll take informed speculation. Just trying to get a feel for it.

Thanks guys! I look forward to reading your responses!
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  1. IF your just gaming, The LGA2011 socket is not worth it.
    The LGA2011 socket is still current for the workstation platform (while 1155 will be replaced with haswell)

    If you choose to go LGA2011 , the Asus Rampage 4 extreme is a great mobo but its very pricey and only worth it if you intend to use its features and heavy overclocking, other if not you can get just as good boards for way less

    Please note you won't be waiting for Haswell-E, LGA2011 still is waiting for Ivy-Bridge-E which is the next cpu line up for LGA2011

    More then likely Haswell-E will require a socket change just like LGA1155
  2. Thanks for the response. Had a death in the family, or I would have responded sooner.

    I'd like to overclock, when I have time, but say I don't have time. What are some of the other boards/processors that you recommend for gaming, and some fairly intense, but repetitive Matlab calculations? The price factor is keeping me from using the parts that I have obtained as of now, so.. yeah. Any recommendations at all would be appreciated!

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