What is this problem? (Pics inc.)

What is this problem? What is going on? I need a solid answer, please give your two cents if you have had this issue or if someone you know has had this issue.

When I turn it on: http://postimage.org/image/z3t2drorl/
After the boot screen: http://postimage.org/image/t1i2rh9pd/
On the desktop: http://postimage.org/image/un5t0aqvr/
The Blue-screen Crash: http://postimage.org/image/sy1q1fmyf/

This issue happens ONLY when my XFX Radeon HD 6950 2GB is installed, not when the nVidia 9500GT is installed. I have had a replacement ATI card and it has only gotten worse, I know the card is not the issue as I have tried it on a separate motherboard, separate memory, separate CPU but the same hard-drive. Therefore I have ruled out that it is not the GPU, nothing to do with the drivers and nothing to do with the OS. I have tried using one stick of memory in all four different slots on my motherboard, this made no difference. I have tried cleaning the registry, removing unwanted programs, virus scans, removing ALL display related drivers, updated the BIOS to the current version and nothing has worked.

System Specs:
Mainboard - Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 965 @ Stock
Memory - 8GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600MHz (Have tried all four slots with only one stick)
Graphics Card - Current 9500GT as the HD6950 fails to work, I have had two 6950s, one with a similar problem and this ones problem is worse. (The first was a 1gb model)
PSU - Corsair GX650W (Have also tried an OCZ xTreme 500w or something like that)
OS - Win7 64bit

Thanks, If you need anymore details just ask, I really need to solve this problem. Rob. <3
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  1. ok so the only thing i can think of is that your gpu is dead... do you have your monitor drivers installed? also it could be your monitor with dead pixels if you still have coverage get it replaced!
  2. Graphics card is dead get a new one
  3. Xlerator said:
    Graphics card is dead get a new one

    he already has got it replaced read the description
  4. Had you overclocked your GPU? Did you provide too higher voltage?

    If not then the GPU is faulty by its own accord, otherwise it is probably your fault. It is definitely a GPU issue, I had this when I OC mine - but only temporarily.
  5. Mine has NEVER been OCd
  6. I don't think it is the GPU as I have tried it in a new motherboard, with a new CPU, new ram module and the same hard drive, and it worked fine. I am thinking it's to do with the motherboard settings on the M5A78L-M/USB3 as it works with the older 9500GT but not the newer 6950.
  7. Can anyone please help. :(
  8. have you tried reseting your CMOS?
  9. I can't even get onto my PC with my 9500gt now, after leaving it off today from experiencing several issues this morning, I come home to turn it on and one of the fans are making a strange noise (like they are speeding up and slowing down) and I can't see the display whatsoever, it says no signal. I have tried resetting the |CMOS on the motherboard and it done NOTHING, just broke it even more, the display doesn't show up when using the built-in mobo graphics either. This morning, I done a system restore to a previous point, and when I came back to my PC it said the restore failed and I couldn't launch any applications, there was nothing in the system tray but the volume button, the time had reset and it came up with some ''error'' thing when I tried accessing facebook or hotmail. My computer is basically stuffed.
  10. Anyone? :(
  11. hmm
    have you tried with another mobo... also your gpu is dead so please it should still be under waranty and get your replaced
  12. I just tried it with a diff mobo, diff cpu and diff ram. It worked perfectly for a while (longer than it usually does), I managed to install the drivers and everything and it was running fine until I tried runniing windows index then it crashed. However I don't blame this on the GPU as the motherboard and cpu is old, the motherboard only has a 22-pin power connector and the ram is ddr2. Thanks, Rob. Before buying a motherboard, shall I still return the GPU? :/
  13. do check one more thing before RMA'ing the mobo or gpu...Check your monitor cable as well. Lot of times its the little things that are at fault :)...try with a different monitor cable
  14. Done it mate, tried my TV with a HDMI cable and my monitor with a DVI cable, both show the same issue.
  15. why return the GPU, might as well try it on the new board...I re-read all your posts and I think you are right in thinking that your mobo is gone. I have been suggesting quiet a few people lately to check the capacitors on their boards and see if they are swollen or bursting which is always a sure sign of a dying mobo. you might check that as well...good luck
    - satyam
  16. what should you look for while checking your capacitors?
  17. PanicMaster85 said:
    what should you look for while checking your capacitors?

    check this out...
    I suggested that coz I had a vey bad "Mora"(bet no one's heard this) motherboard with my p4 when i bought it back in 2004 and it died that way. You'd find that bad caps have been installed and detected as late as 2010. since op suggested that his system is old I suggested this :)
  18. ok thanks ill have to read that :na:
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