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I was just curious, as of right now I turn my computer off every day when I leave for work, at around 2pm, and on when I get home, at about 10pm, and then off again when I go to sleep, 12pm, and then on again when I awake, 8am. (times may vary a little but just average). Before I had this job I was turning it off every night and on every morning.

I'm just trying to increase the life and longevity of my PC components, mainly the PSU and HDD. As I've grown paranoid. I've had the PSU for almost a year now, and the computer for about 3 years. The HDD has been formatted twice with clean installs of Windows, and I clean it monthly (dusting, compressed air, etc). I don't overclock anything in my system and it is just a regulat HTPC. (I think that is the right term).

The computer in question is an HP a6203w desktop. I've always taken care of it, cleaned, serviced, updated, and defragged it.

Also, is sleep/hibernate a good option? is one better than the other? It is usually between 70 and 80 in my house (Farenheit) and I always have the case fan and HDD fans on, (and of course the CPU stock heatsink/fan).

Any thoughts or advice?
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  1. Either way works. I use sleep unless I'm going to be away for a day and then I shutdown.
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