Building new rig

hi its my first time building a computer and my only fear is that it wont work for some reason bcz i have *** luck all the time

im using these

mobo :gigabyte
cpu:CPU i5-3570k
RAM:8gb ram
graphics card: geforce gtx 680
750gb HD
windows 7 ultimate 64

so im not sure i wanna do it bcz im scared what do you guys think i should do ?
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  1. Specs look fine. Would have liked a motherboard model just to make sure its 1155 socket. Some pointers would be to take your time. Make sure you have everything oriented properly before you insert it. Check out youtube. Some great videos on there for any steps in the process. Review your manuals. And post back here with any questions or concerns :D
  2. Just need the motherboard info, and whether or not your gonna be using an aftermarket cooler because if you overclock that SoB with a stock cooler, you'll regret it. :3 Also, are you gonna bother to buy a case mate? xD
  3. You might want to drop into the Systems forum, thats where you put threads like this.
    And you will want to fill out this form when you post there, as it will be the first thing asked of you.

    Yea, more info on the mobo would be a good.
    CPU is good if you want to overclock.
    RAM is about right for gaming, make sure its 1600Mhz CL9 and runs at 1.5v.
    Would dwngrade that to a GTX670, its 5% less performance and you save $100. Can even overclock past 680 performance.
    Dont bother with Windows Ultimate, its $100 you dont have to spend. Home Premium is sufficient.
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