GTX 660/660Ti Release Date?

Hey guys,

I've been scouring the net for information pertaining to the GTX 660Ti or 660 (the step down from the 670, whatever they call it) and get too many different speculative dates, so I figured we could have a thread dedicated to potential release information (and if anyone has some semi-solid info, that'd be great too).

I'm seeing a lot of articles written in March-May, but none more recent than May 10th or so. Some were saying it was going to release with the 670, and others are saying it won't release until Q3 2012 (July - Sep 2012). I'm looking to pick one up for my brother's gaming rig, but if it isn't out soon I'll probably break down and just get another 670.
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  1. No one has semi solid information, it's all conjecture based upon rumor.

    I have seen June 2012 and August 2012 on the same web sites.

    And there will be both a 660 and a 660 Ti, just like w/ the 5xx series
  2. There is already a thread dedicated to the Kepler discussion.
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