Urgent - Comp won't post, fans don't spin - Urgent

Hey guys,

ive been having some problems with my new computer that i built in late June. About a week after building i got a bunch of bsods for about a 3 weeks, until one morning my computer would not post or show any activity of being powered on. so i RMA'd the motherboard, and i re-installed the new board from ASUS and when i went to try and power on the computer its the same as the old mobo. nothing happens, no fans, no drives spin up nothing.

The only thing left that can cause this problem is the power supply, right?

System specs:

Intel i5 2500k
Asus Sabertooth z77
EVGA GTX560Ti 448
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB ssd
XFX Pro 750 watt semi-modular psu
16 GB 1600 speed PNY ram
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  1. Try changing your PSU, as long as the accessories are plugged into the right slots on the mobo. If your on your second Mobo and nothing seems to be working it's a good chance its the PSU. Better to be safe then sorry as a faulty PSU can cause some serious damage.
  2. yeah everything is in the right slots. i'm filing a rma as we speak.
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