Are these voltage temps too high ?

Hi, first off I have a Asus sabertooth 990fx R2.0 motherboard and a Corsair AX 850 Watt PSU.
my average temps are 48C on idle and 64 C ON FULL LOAD I really do not want to mess around with voltages. I'm just wondering if i should be woried or not.

My MAX is acctually 55C on my cpu 61C on vcore 1 and 51 on vcore 2.
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  1. what cpu u have and whats the rest of ur setup?
  2. I am using an fx 8350 cpu voltage is 1.140-1.380 that is what it was when I first made my new pc.
    SSD: Samsund 830 series
    PSU: AX 850
    Case: NZXT Phantom
    RAM: 16 GB of Corsair Vengence
    Motherboard: Asus sabertooth 990FX R2.0
    GPU: Saphire Radeon 7770 Ghz edition
    CPU Cooler H60 in push-pull (using Corsair SP 120 mm fans)
    using ASUS AI suite 2 for temps. my cpu gets from 34 on idle to 54C on full load.
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    well 64 seems a bit high but within healthy range i wouldnt mess with voltage if u dont

    know what ur doing, i think ur fine for now :)
  4. Well I have very good parts so I mean thats why IM not tooo worried about it and I have never really had any problems. the hottest are always my voltages then my cpu at 10 or more degrees less.everything else is always less than my cpu except NB HT which is 39C on idle and usb 3.0 at 39C.
  5. well 65-67 seems like the thermal limit of that cpu, well it can go above but might damage id say ur fine for now mang :), but its always good to ask a second opinion and people here are glad to help
  6. I thought voltage temps really only affected the motherboard ?
  7. no affects the stability of ur system, and cpu mang.
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