GTX670 nVidia driver problem..screen goes blank? Please help!

Hey guys

I've recently bought a brand new computer (Ivy Bridge CPU, high amount of RAM etc.) and I bought a Gigabyte GTX670.

The problem is that whenever I have the nVidia drivers installed, every 5-10 minutes my monitor will go blank and then on again. A little yellow sign with a black exclamation mark will appear in my Windows task bar. If I select it, it disappears.

When I am running a game (such as Diablo 3 or Skyrim) and this happens, the screen will go blank, come back, and then the game will be running very slowly at 30fps. It can only be fixed if I alt-tab out of game and come back in.

I tested this with a few variables. It is 100% a driver problem because when I go back to normal integrated graphics drivers, this does not happen. I also re-installed the nVidia drivers selecting only 'Graphics Driver' in the Custom Install and not including the other add-ons but this made no difference.

Are there any alternative drivers I could use?

I've linked a picture of what the little icon looks like when it appears:

Please help.

Kind regards,

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  1. What did tech support say when you called ?

    What does Event Viewer say ?
  2. Tech support has put me onto an indian person who asked all the questions that were already answered in my initial reply.

    Thanks for replying Jack. I've opened up Event Viewer but Im not exactly sure where to look?

    It just happened right now and Im looking under the 'Last Hour' events

    0 Critical, 0 Error, 2 Warning, 21 Information, 4 Audit Success

    What should I be looking for specifically? Thanks
  3. Actually I just found this!

    "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

    Heres what it looks like:
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