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AMD A8-5600k CPUID temp (is it high???)

I just put together an AMD A8-5600K machine with the stock cooler (just went with the preapplied thermal compound on the cooler block). I was careful about clamping down the cooler, the fan is running, the case is currently open. Using CPUID Hardware Monitor, my CPU Temperature ("Package") is all over the map at idle. All I'm doing is formatting a HDD, but CPUID is reporting a min of 47 max 83. When the machine posted (ASRock FM2A75M-DGS), the BIOS system temp said 55C. It sort of concerned me, but some feedback posts on the processor on newegg said the temp gets misreported, so i went ahead.

This box is for my dad for Xmas. Will not overclock, will not be under too much stress. But I planned to test everything, including a Prime95 burn in. But now I'm nervous to start that.

What say you???
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  1. Well, while I hoped someone would answer, I ran memtest86+ overnight. That went well. I downloaded a bunch of different monitor programs: core temp (basically useless - says CPU is 1C), open hardware monitor (doesn't give temp for cores), AMD system monitor (useless, just give CPU load and RAM allocation), speedfan (the most useful of the bunch - Says CPU is at 34 - this number matches what CPUID HM says for CPUTIN), and ASRock Extreme Tuner has a hardware monitor section that says the CPU Temp is the same as speedfan. JakR4bbit
    11/30/2012 review of the processor on Newegg is somewhat useful. So, I'm going to assume that is the number I should be worried about. Going to start Prime 95 and watch it closely for a while.
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    Before running prime95 make sure that the setting in the BIOS under hardware health event ( cpu fan 1 Full On ) save and exit, then run prime95 and watch you temp. for cpu, if temp. rises above 74c stop test.
  3. 35 minutes into Prime 95 blend. Stablized temp (using speedfan) at 64C. Knightdog56 - I didn't see your note until I had already started. I left things on MB at default. I"m pretty sure the CPU fan is set to 100% (or maybe throttles with CPU load, in which case it will go to 100%). Will watch it now, but I think I'm ok. If not, someone please tell me... :)
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