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When It comes to Upgrading CPU's and stuff I'm a bit of a noob, what it is in my current PC i've got an AMD Athlon 270 (3.0ghz) Dual core processor and i want to upgrade it to something like an AMD Phenom II 965 quad core processor do i have to swap the motherboards?? or could i just get away with swaping the CPU's
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  1. Tell us your motherboard model.
    965 phenom would be great cheap update for AM3 socket btw
  2. yes, what is ur motherboard and the rest of ur system,

    so we can advice u the best upgrade path for ur bucks.
  3. You should have absolutely no problems upgrading to a quad core Phenom, but some mobos can only take a 95w CPU at max, so none of the Black Edition CPUs will work. In that case your best option is a Phenom II X4 955 95w.
  4. yes well wed still need to know whats his motherboard, that would help :p
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