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first of all , i don't know if this is the right place to put my thread but i think its CPU related so i hope that I'm not breaking any rules .
secondly , i searched the forums but the threads which have the same problem doesn't have my strange symptoms .
now to the problem , i have an old PC and i know its not a gaming machine but it just do the job which is surfing the internet ,watching movies and some casual games or low settings .
suddenly before a week , the computer freezes while on a game . when i checked the CPU temp it was 65 C so i opened the case and the fan was not moving due to some cable in the way . I moved away that cable and restarted the PC and the fan was working fine . After that the PC started getting random freezes which occurs while browsing the internet ,watching movies or even right after windows log in . I started to think there is a problem with windows 7 so i restarted my PC in windows XP and tried it for about 2 hours and then the freeze just came back again . so that means this freeze is hardware related . to describe the freeze exactly , the monitor just turns off as there is no signal to it , the keyboard and the mouse won't work at all and the power and restart keys won't work . to restart the PC i have to hard shutdown the PC . yesterday i figured something very strange which is , if i leave a game open it will stop the PC from freezing . that game is Borderlands . i left it open yesterday in a window mode and after 3 hours the game crashed but the PC didn't freeze as long as the game is open . Any and all help is appreciated guys .
thanks for reading this .
my specs:
dual boot : windows 7 64 bit and windows XP 32 bit
CPU : Intel Pentium dual core e5200 2.5GHz
MB : MSI p31 neo
RAM : 2x 2GB ddr2 800 MHz Kingston
GPU : MSI radeon hd 6670 1GB ddr3
PSU : 650w Chinese brand
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  1. Things that i've tried but failed :
    1- using another gpu driver in windows 7 .
    2- using a fix from microsoft which removes codecs that could make the pc freeze in windows 7 .
    3- using an old restore point in windows 7 .
    4- resetting bios to fail-safe settings .
    5- resetting bios to optimum settings .
  2. Your cheap PSU could be failing cause voltage issues this would cause freezing
    try it with another PSU and see what happens
  3. kitsunestarwind said:
    Your cheap PSU could be failing cause voltage issues this would cause freezing
    try it with another PSU and see what happens

    thank you very much for trying to help me sort out this problem .
    I think you are right ,but how come the PC won't freeze with a game running in the background ?
    if the freezing is because PSU then i think running a game won't prevent PSU from failing and PC from freezing , am i right ?
    btw , I am a noob in pc world so please pardon my ignorance .
    thank you very much .
  4. could it be gpu related ?
    i think i have an old 4670 gpu lying somewhere .
    maybe i'll try it and see what happens .
  5. i've also tested the RAM with memtest86 and i got pass in all exams ,and no errors at all .
  6. i've tried using gpu 4670 and the problem is still happening .when i tried my 6670 gpu in another system , it worked just fine .
    so i know for sure its related to the cpu . when there is a load on the cpu ,the computer works just fine .but when the cpu is idle ,the computer freezes .
  7. i hope i could solve this problem
  8. it seems like there is no solution available .so i'll leave a message just for the people who have the same problem. there is no solution even if this thread is marked as solved.
  9. hi everyone ,
    i've tested a new corsair PSU with my pc and the same freezing keeps showing again and again and again .
    so i'm back to the cpu . i really think the culprit here is the cpu .
  10. I'm using now prime95 application which tests your hardware. While this program is open and the cpu usage is 100%, the computer never freezes at all. But as soon as the cpu usage is back to idle, it freezes right away.
  11. I've found out that CPU freezes if it's temperature gets below 86 F / 30 C but it works normally even above 149 F / 65 C .
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