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Help me choose a case?

I have been looking around for a case for my build and am having some trouble. Two of my favourites I have come across are the Antec Eleven Hundred and the Bitfenix Shinobi. But the Eleven Hundred is a bit too expensive for me ($120 in Australia) and the Shinobi has some flaws I don't like, such as the tinted window and the way the hard drives go in. I'm very picky when it comes to looks so I've put together some requirements.

-Should have a preferably large window
-Good cable management
-Space between the motherboard tray and right side of case to tuck away cables
-Blue LED fans would be great but no other colours. (My build is colour schemed blue and black)
-Under $100 in Australia (Prices are higher in Australia)

Some preffered websited available to me-

Some shops near me that have good prices -

My build as it currently stands if it helps:

CPU - i5 3570K - $227 from PCDIY or MSY
CPU Cooling - Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO - $34 from PCDIY
MOBO - MSI Z77A-G45 - $125 from PCDIY or MSY
RAM - 8GB KIT 1600 Kingston Hyper-X - $44 from MSY
HDD - 1TB Westen Digital Blue - $75 from PCDIY
SSD - Samsung 830 Series 64GB SSD - $57 from PCDIY or MSY
GPU - Radeon HD 7870 Sapphire O/C - $239 from MSY
CASE - ???
PSU - Corsair CX600 v2 600W - $85 from AllNeedsComputers
DISK DRIVE - Samsung SATA DVD Optical Drive - $19 from PCDIY

Total at best possible prices - $905 (Would be good to keep around or under $1000

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  1. that system looks nice dude,

    for a case id recommand:

    so ud be at 962$ and sexy performance :0
  2. iceclock said:
    that system looks nice dude,

    for a case id recommand:

    so ud be at 962$ and sexy performance :0

    Thankyou for your reply, though it does look nice and has a very good price tag I am reallys set on having a window since I have already taken the time to colour-coordinate my parts so I would like to see that.
  3. iceclock said:

    The sour 210 looks alright and the large side panel is great! I'll keep this thread open for more suggestions though. Thankyou for your help.
  4. alright keep us updated :)
  5. iceclock said:
    alright keep us updated :)

    I have decided to go with the Eleven Hundred since It has everything I want and $20 extra won't exactly break the bank. Thankyou for your help.
  6. Best answer
    no problem always a pleasure sir :)
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