Big but quite?

I have a plan to build and upgradable workstation with the potential to go 4-way sli. (4xGainwood gtx 680 4 gb with modified cooling and noise lvls.)

But I cant make up which case to use.

I know its hard to get the best of both worlds (noise, temperature)
But Im still gonna try. And I hope maybe you guys have some ideas.
With silence beeing highest priority which should I go for.

Sofar I have narrowed it down to a choice between Lian Li v2120 and Cooler Master Cosmos 2.
They say the cosmos cool really nicely but I can only find it charted with other gameing cases for noise.

Anyone has real life experience with both ?
Or maybe have better suggestions.

Thx in advance
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  1. Noone;)?
  2. 4 way SLi? go with liquid cooling and a large case like HAF X or Cosmos 2.
  3. Lian Li v2120 isnt 4 way sli compatible?
  4. yes but $350 is too much.
  5. If price isnt an issuewhich case is the most silent?
  6. 4 way SLi and silence are no where near bro.
  7. Hmm Ill try ask in another way;)

    Do you guys think I can keep 4 way sli + 3930k cool in v2120 with d14 cooler and gtx coolers?
  8. yes but but the gpu's will face heat problems as there will be no breathing space between them.only good solution is to go with liquid cooling system on your gpus.
    BTW,i don't see a good reason behind 4x 680s? what are you planning to do?
  9. I-ray rendering and other gpu tasks.

    I need the 4gb dram in 1 slot.

    To start with. Ill just use 1 gfx card but asap nvidia gets kepler under control which they will... eventually..
    Then Ill be prepaired for an upgrade.
    But untill then I would like to keep my computer in the office. with air cooling
    But when I add 3 more cards I guess Ill just have to move it to the server room.
    And then add watercooling I guess;)
    I just still can't decide on the freaking case.. worst piece of hardware to decide I think;)
  10. if you don't care much about looks then this is the best casing solution for multi gpu setups and watercooling-
  11. are you running a 19000 x 120000 pixel monitor?

    or expressing some deep seated inadequacy ?

    NO ONE needs quad sli
  12. ^i used to say the same thing but then i stopped when i heard things like-
    "don't be jealous"
    "poor *** that can't afford quad SLi"
    and much more annoying crap.
  13. Outlander_04 said:
    are you running a 19000 x 120000 pixel monitor?

    or expressing some deep seated inadequacy ?

    NO ONE needs quad sli

    Hmm you do know that gpus can do math too right?

    Doesnt sound like you know what Iray is... How can you then comment on my needs?

    This is not for gaming.
  14. ^then go with workstation gpus.
  15. Worksstation cards sux for the price.. had 2 quadros sofar and cheaper gamer cards beat em. I believe in maybe 6 months there will not be a single prof card left on the office.
    Quadro 6000 or 7000 might be up for the task but they cost more than the total of my rig. Quadro 7000 actually cost 5 times the price of my rig. For underclocked.. overcooled cards.
    And havent had the need for 6 or 12gb vram yet either. A few times 2 gb wasnt enough and I had to do stuff.. so Im figureing 4 gb is pretty futureproof.
  16. in gaming,sure a cheaper gaming card will beat a workstation card but in terms of professional works,a good workstation will destroy any gaming choice is yours,gaming or work?
  17. You didnt read what I wrote?
  18. it's not possible to have both computational and gaming power in a single card,for that type of solution,a hd 7970 GHz is a better choice as it has more raw power.
  19. Ati cant do Iray at all.... cmon..

    This is for work gpu rendering.

    Why would a gamer card gfx card be destroyed in a workstation?

    I ditched the quadro 2000 and replaced with a gtx 560 3gb last time for MUCH better performance.
    I dont think we do the same kinda work.
  20. I went with the cosmos 2 btw
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