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hi folks!

i have a new build problem and need your help. i'm looking to replace my three-year-old intel pc with something dazzling. here are my needs:

blu-ray burning/ripping/encoding
fast fast fast but not too expensive
i don’t do gaming but would appreciate a really good mid-priced card
i would prefer to stick with intel, to go with watercooling, 16gb of ram, as much usb 3.0 as i can get, and sata 3.0 as well

in my current setup i have and love my sata 2.0 64gb ssd drive and have several other hdds for storage in addition to a blu-ray burner. i also have a cougar case (, which i love, but would like your input for a new case with a top hot-swappable sata port, as well as all of your great recommendations for a new motherboard, processor, ram, video card, and watercooling option (if i do decide to keep my case).

ideally, i'd like to keep the parts somewhere between $500-$600, and i might need some youtube links for setting up one of those fancy corsair double-fan units that attach to the top of the inside of the case. i know some stuff about pc's as i've been building my own for 10plus years, but have never done watercooling so i feel a bit shaky there.

any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!

p.s.: i usually buy my stuff from Newegg, but if you know of a place that is as reliable and reasonble in pricing, please let me know
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  2. i cant fit much with a 600 dollar cap. guess you probably have to keep the case and use the dvd drive you have
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