How do Cherry MX Red and Blue Switches compare for General Usage?

Hey guys. I wanted to get myself a mechanical keyboard for lots of gaming but equal amounts of everything else such as browsing the web, writing an essay, posting on forums... Well, I pretty much narrowed it down to either a Red switch or a Blue switch. I know that the blue switches are the best for typing and that reds are the best for gaming (generally thought to be the best along with the blacks, but I prefer less actuation force). I think I would fell pretty good getting a red key switch keyboard and that would be great for gaming, but how does it feel for typing? Also this would be my first mecchy, do would the fact that it's linear take away from the experience? Oh, and I know blues are loud, but how loud are they? I mean, on a normal day in my apartment, if I have my room door closed, will people be able to hear me typing? I don't mind the noise, I actually love the clickety-clack, but it might be annoying for others.
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