Final Decisions before build.

Pc use: Gaming, browsing web, possibly photoshop, etc...

This is what I have:

Total Price w/shipping and tax: 209.96 not including a $30.00 rebate...with the rebate $179.96

First Question: Was that a good deal for those 4 items?

Second Question: What is the best motherboard, gpu, cpu, and hdd combination that I can buy for under $600 before rebates but including shipping?

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  1. I think they are good choices. You don't need 1866 but for $3 more than 1600, why not?

    I'd keep the coolermaster psu too, it's bronze rated, has a 5yr warranty, plus it's modular.
  2. Those 4 items look good to me. I personally prefer Antec and Corsair PSUs to Cooler Master since they have slightly better build quality, so if you can get one at the same price with the HAF 912, it will be a good choice, otherwise you can keep what you have now.

    If you are not planning to overclock, you can fit a Z68 mobo, i5-2320 cpu, a 1 TB HDD, and a radeon 6870 just under $600.
  3. Thanks for the help everyone
  4. Here is a good combo, its only a little over your budget.

    cpu- i5 2500k $200 w/ promo code
    mobo- asrock extreme4 $143
    gpu- xfx 7850 2gb $210 after rebate
    hdd- wd 500gb $61
    total $634 before rebate and $614 after

    You could save a little money and go with this mobo
    asrock pro4 $118
    total $609 before rebate and $589 after
  5. Coolermaster silent pro are highly rated and better or as good of quality as MOST Antec and Corsair units. Don't let the fanboys disuade you.
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