Will either nVidia 9600 GT bottle neck with i3-2100 or i5 2500k?

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  1. Upgrade the video card to a GTX550Ti or a HD7770.
  2. no it will not, and if u can afford to get the 2500k def a better processor than the i3 2100, also if ur gonna upgrade u can get a decent card such as the 7700 for 103$

    whats ur overall budget?
  3. I have a nVidia 9600GT paired up with my C2D E6600 CPU in my HTPC. It was a pretty good card when it was new. I think I paid $170 for it 'cause it has an over-sized passive heatsink.

    Anywaste, you do not need to worry about 4 year old mainstream (Mid range) performance graphics card being bottlenecked by a 1 year old CPU.
  4. +1 to jags statement
  5. I must have misunderstood the question about a Nvidia 9600GT slowing down an Intel core i3 2100 or an Intel core i5 2500k !
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