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Hello, I looked on the site and was looking for some help. I currently have a HP Pavilion p6210y with the standard 300w PSU. Was wondering best options for upgrading the video card from the integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9100 currently on the computer. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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  1. if its just upgraded to have a better visual experience you can try the HD 5450, HD 6450 or Nvidia GT210 ( ) , but if you wanna play you must change your power supply and then look for a better option.
  2. Anything above what fer was telling you, you would need start at a 400w PSU to run gaming cards better than what was posted. Well you could get away with a GT 430 on a 300w PSU.

    Then it depends on what size your CPU is as well. If you have to upgrade your PSU you want brands like Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Silver Stone, and some brands of OCZ.

    Good luck to you and get back to us with what your are thinking about.,3107-7.html

    you'll need to see this thread, the nvidia nb locks up.

    you will need to have a add on video card, and upgrade that ps to 600+ then you should be good.
    I cannot tell you what to use but,
    I just would not recommend using this pc as the mb's nvidia heatsink has serious issues.
    Not worth the investment.
  4. Do you have a budget? The most you could probably do is the 7750, but I don't like HP PSU's, so I can't recommend it.
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