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i want to buy a graphic card till approx rate of 4k suggest me some nice graphic cards plz according to my budget i m looking forward to buy ati 5570 which is approx. 4k any other suggestions plz and my current graphic card is 9400gt my specs i7 860 2.8ghz 4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram intel dh55hc motherboard graphic card should have vga pci e 2.0 slot
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  1. What country are you in and which sellers are available to you?
  2. What is the make/model of your PSU?

    What type of currency is that? If it's rupess it comes out to around $75 US.Which isn't going to get you much.The 5570 isn't that much faster than the 9400GT to make it a worthwhile upgrade.
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  5. 6570 is very nice but for some reason i am not satisfied after comparing it with gt 440
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