Asus GTX550Ti with Vitsuba San-55-S 550W PSU

Hello everyone!.

I'm Nicolas, from Argentina, and this is the first time I post here, because I really need advice from pros. Recently, i updated nearly all the componentes of my PC. The videocard and hardrive are the only things i'm reusing in my new setup.

Currently, the specs of my computer are the following:


Intel Quad Core i5-3450 3.10Ghz Ivy Bridge

DDR3 1600 Mhz Kingston 4GB x 2

Medium Tower Vitsuba Voodoo Black (2 x fans 140mm LED y 3 x fans 120 mm standard)

Vitsuba SAN-55-S 550W

Samsung 320GB 7200 RPM

Xfx Geforce 9500GT 512MB


Now i'm wondering if I could buy a better VGA or not, given that PSU. At the beggining, I was looking at the Asus GTX550 Ti/DC, but in other forums i have been told that that PSU won't be enough.

First of all, these area the specs of the PSU (extracted from the figure at the PSU itself). I couldn't find any extra information on the web, apart from post like this one, asking whether this PSU is enough to use XXX videocard. I know that this PSU is not a quality one, so it's highly probable that the effective amperage in the 12V rail is much less than 16+16 A, so also the effective power there is less than 384W.

About the Asus GTX550 Ti, i've looking at many reviews and benchmarks. In all those benchmarks, the videocard is stressed to its limits. However, don't plan to use it to those limits. I've found that in “idle” mode, the videocard consumes (42 +/- 13)W and in “full load” (without any overclocking) it reaches (206 +/- 12)W. On the other hand, nVidia states that the maximum power consumption of this video card is 116W and they recommend a 400W PSU with 24A in its 12V rail.

It's important for you to know these details about the usage I usually give to my PC:

* Despite I like playing videogames, I usually don't play for more that 3 or 4 hours.
* Nowadays, with the given setup, I play at 1920x1080, because that's the maximum resolution supported by me LCD. Of course, in exchange I have to play with the graphic details in minimum or at much medium settings.
* Mostly of my gaming time, I play WoW, but with a new videocard I'd be able to play newer games also.
* I'm not planning to do any overclocking, at least for a long long time.
* Also, I'm not planning to se SLI or Crossfire technology, again at least for a long long time.
* Lastly, I don't care if I wouldn't be able to play the more demanding games (i.e. Crysis 2) in Ultra quality. Let's say, if I could run it in High settings, it's ok with me.

In other forums, they told me that that PSU will work ok with a HD7700 or a HD7750, given that those card consume much less power than the GTX550 Ti (because they draw power directly from the motherboard and not from the additional 6-pin connector).

So …... the question is: given the explained usage, what would be the best option, in terms of performance/money? Buying a better PSU (say, Coolermaster 550W) and GTX550 Ti or keeping this PSU and buying a HD7770/7750?. My budget is nearly U$S 250.

Thanks so much for your time and sorry for my english.
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  1. That PSU has 420watts on the +12volts combined which is 35amps. It would run based on those specs a GTX560Ti no problem, it is the combined that counts!
  2. Well, after receiving some advises, i think i'll buy a XFX HD7750, due to its low power consumption (about 75W, only from the PCI port).
  3. It is a good card as well.
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