pavilion a430n does not power up

I have seen other posts about this problem, but they haven't helped. In short, comp is plugged in, when attempting to power up blue light flashes, fans turn 3/4 or so then stop, nothing else. Tested original PSU and replaced with working one, same results. I have looked all over the net but everyone indicates it could be the PSU. Could it be the actual power switch or possible the BIOS Battery on the motherboard? Not my computer, I am trying to trouble shoot this one.
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    Hi, there are all sorts of causes for this. Failed part somewhere is shorting something.

    The standard debugging is to remove parts until the system completes Power On Self Test (post) correctly.

    Start by unplugging. Wait a min for capacitors to drain. Plug back in. Try it. Once in a while this actually works. It resets the firmware that runs the power button (the power button is not a real switch). edit: unlikely to fix given you swapped power supplies already.

    Unplug the PC, open it up. Remove the GeForce4 MX440 AGP video card. Plug the PC back in (I leave the cover off) power up. Does the PC power up? Yes, bad video card. No, leave the video out.

    Power done. Unplug. Remove all memory. plug in. Power up. Does it POST? If so it will beep and the hard drive will spin up. IF yes, bad memory, if no then leave memory out.

    Power down. Unplug. Remove signal and power from your IDE hard drive. Test it.

    Keep removing stuff until you have just the CPU, MB and Power supply. You already swapped the PSU. It's never the CPU so the MB is bad. Given the age of the system, you can get a newer, faster refurb system for less than the MB will cost.

    Note, this is a great reference. For example, did you plug both power lines into the MB when you swapped the PSU ? Its for new build, but you can make it work for your system. good luck.
  2. Thanks. I have run through removing everything and ended up with just the CPU, MB, and PSU. Tested with both new and old PSUs. Same results, so I guess the MB is fried. Thanks for the link also.
  3. Bummer. If you really like your system for some eason then look at EBAY for MB. note: your HP recovery media won't work anymore on a new MB so you'll need to do an image backup unless you get MB for exactly your HP rather than any MB that works with your memory and CPU.

    Alternatively grab something like this refurb i5 system, should go for under $300. Acer Aspire AM3970-UR10P Intel Core i5-2320 3.3GHz 8GB 1TB

    If you upgrade CPUs in your current system then you need new MB + New CPU + memory. But new MB + CPU + Memory is most of the way to the refurb and the refurb comes with win7, new disk, etc.
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