Which graphics card will be right for me?

I'm in the process of building a new system and I need some advice. I bought a Biostar H61MHB LGA 1155, i5-2400(don't plan on overclocking), 8GB(2 X 4GB) G Skill DDR3-1333Mhz, and my monitor is an Acer X203h(1600 X 900). If 1600 X 900 is the native resolution of the monitor, and thats the resolution I will be running games at more than likely, what graphics card should I get to run Battlefield 3 MULTIPLAYER on at least High Settings with about 40-45 FPS? I was thinking about a Radeon HD 6870 or a GTX 560 (non-ti if possible). Any suggestions? I only have a $150-$160 budget. Thanks in advance!
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  1. If your outcome was like anandtechs, then technically yes, you should though they probably bench with a sandybridge-e i7 for the cpu to avoid any bottlenecks.

    edit: not this is 1600x1050, so technically your fps should be a bit higher at most since your reso is 1600x900
  2. For your budget i believe the 6870 is your best bet.

    But for 200 bucks you could get this 6950 which includes a copy of battlefield 3 and dirt 3. A bit overkill really for 1600x900 but if your going to buy BF3 why not? plus your sure to be a little more future proof, happy gaming.
  3. I appreciate all of the advice. Pockeg, I think I might just get the 6950 for future proofing like you said
  4. i think if your budget in near about $150 to$160 then i advice you to buy the nVidia GeForce gtx 560 except of hd 6850 !!!
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