Computer making high pitch squealing noise

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new to these forums, I'm a slight programmer and I notice that no matter what when I launch a piece of code my computer makes a audible screech/squeal, it doesn't matter what I code I could even just be printing out "Hello" and it'd squeal, its not getting hot or anything and its pretty new, about 5 months old, should I be worried? it doesnt hiss like this even when I'm playing skyrim or farcry 3.

I'm using Dark basic professional and this is my computer
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  1. If the earth connection is not proper the speaker give that sound.give proper earth connection to home or office.
    check all fans for damage.if damaged change fan.
    if sound come from hdd,the hdd is complind so request for warenty.
  2. Its set down on a carpet securely and like I said it isn't squealing while I'm playing games like skyrim or farcry 3 what I think it is, and I may be TOTALLY wrong, I heard someone else say on another forum that sometimes if you get insane fps it can cause the squealing, and since I'm just printing out "Hi" and have no fps limit its probably just going insane.
  3. I put a limit on my fps and it stopped the squealing hehe :3
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