Stock fans haf 932 blue edition vs thor 2

So just wondering what everyone thinks of rosewill Thor 2 vs coolermaster haf 932 advanced blue edition. To me they both look great and I don't plan to change the stock fans, so straight out of the box which one do you think is better?
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  1. My personal preference of the two would be the Rosewill thor, the interior design of the two I find very similar but the Thor does have grommeting around the cutouts which I happen to like. I like the price point too for a full tower.
  2. both are very good, id say go with the one u prefer the design and whats cheaper :)
  3. ah ya they are both good but considering cable management and usb 3.0 in a more usefull area and 15 bucks cheaper, im going with thor 2. Ty for the input
  4. no problem, thor sounds goood my friend :)
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