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What cpu+gpu combo is better?

Im planning to get a new laptop and Im having issues which one to get because from what ive heard the GT 630m and Intel HD 4000 are somewhat pretty close in performance .?

In terms gaming which cpu+gpu combo wuld be better? or achieve close for heavy gaming?

1) i7- 3632qm + Geforce GT 630


2) i7- 3632qm + Intel HD 4000


any suggestions on what I could get instead? that would be a lot of help!
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  1. also i can only get laptop cuz ill be traveling all over so i really need something with mobility which is a laptop..
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    The 630 is slightly faster, but not enough to matter. I don't know why they bothered. If those whichever is cheaper. If you want to game though look for something better
  3. Both are very basic, don't expect to play newer games above medium settings at native resolution. I'd get the one with GT 630 just for the sake of having a better screen.
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