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Hey everyone. I recently built my own computer and i am very knew to this but lately i have been getting really bad lag while playing games and i cant open anything while playing or it's even worse. It constantly says 100% cpu usage and i have ran smartclose and everything. I tried going to msconfig then going to boot, advanced options, and changing the number of processors but it only says 1. I have and i5 3570k. Please help me to fix this :cry:
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  1. Open Taskbar and look the 4 tab to see the numbers of cores you have - it should read 4 .
  2. Virus ?
  3. Open taskmanager and click the processes tab.

    What is using the most cpu?
  4. I agree with Brett. Could be Root-kit/Boot-kit.

    I would run TDSSKiller.


    Then Microsoft Safety Scanner.


    Then Malwarebytes.

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