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So I currently own a dell Inspirion 560, It's pretty old and has no installed graphics card and only an Intel core i2 duo that gives out a 2.93 Ghz clock speed.

I have quite allot of high demanding games and often struggle to get above 10fps in games :/ things like "DayZ" barely run AT ALL, whereas games like "counter strike: Source" run fine.

I am saving up for a new manufactured PC, and am about to install a graphics card to my system. The best CPU upgrade i can give to my computer is a Intel core i2 Quad.

I was wondering whether or not upgrading to the quad core would actually increase my clock speed that much.
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    the short answer is NO

    thy are the same old tech.

    CPU chipset ram speed, GFX are all tied together
  2. There is no such thing as an "i2" . I assume you referring to a Core 2 or Core 2 Duo perhaps. Regardless, if you're saving for a new system, no it's not worth it replace the cpu at this point. The money is best put toward the new system. Also, clock and core count are two different things, and what you want is a newer architecture primarily, then cores and clock speed.
  3. Right ok
    Sorry I'm a bit new to all this stuff.
    and yes I do mean Intel core Duo not "i2"

    AMD mentioned that everything is all tied together including the chipset. so i guess i was just wondering if I install this graphics card will it help my PC run games faster? I just assumed that part of the problem is that i didn't have a graphics card. Or again, is it just worth waiting?
  4. Yes, a dedicated video card will help your games, but if you are planning on buying/building your new system soon, get something approrpriate to a modern system. It will be overpowered for you current system, but once you get your system it will fit right in. Just don't wait too long to upgrade, or get something that will be obsolete if you upgrade soon, again ways to waste money.
  5. Hi :)

    DONT buy a graphics card if your system is AGP wont be able to move it to a modern motherboard...

    All the best Brett :)
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