PSU problem pc wont boot

Hi i just bought a new PSU the OCZ modxstream 500w
The problem the pc wont boot the mouse and monitor wont work even the keyboard and the monitor has no signal. I plugged the 4 pin and 24 pin. But i have not plugged the 6 pin does not need it. All the fans and the hdd spins the mother board also lights up.

But when i use the 500w generic psu (not even true rated. Lol) everything is fine the mouse keyboard and monitor works.

Sorry for my bad english

My specs
Mobo: p5sd2-Vm
2gb ram
Gpu:9400 gt
Processor: E4500 dual core

Thanks in advance and happy hollidays

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  1. Sometimes it happens that you recieve a faulty component. That seems to be the case here. I can only suggest you start the RMA process with OCZ to have the PSU replaced. If your computer works fine with one PSU and not another, I think you can be assured that one is not working properly - in this case the OCZ.
    Good luck
  2. +1 to c12 :)
  3. Is it possible that my pc won't boot with that psu because one of the 6 pin connectors are not plugged somewhere? Because there is one 6-pin laying around and i have nothing to plug it in to
  4. that is possible, try that and lets see if it works
  5. But my gpu requires no power. Is there any way to plug the 6 pin
  6. If there is an obvious 6 or 6+2 PCIe socket on the graphics card plug it in, if not don't bother. Many PSUs come with extra cables that people don't use.

    Just RMA it
  7. The PSU should not "have" to have the 6 pin pcie connector attached to function. That is not the problem. You have a bad PSU.....
  8. well its possible ur powersupply is funked, id recommand rma in it if possible.
  9. Yeah it may be the psu.
    But all i can say is that everything turns on the fans and the mobo even the hdd spins but the monitor:- keyboard and mouse has no signal.
  10. When you contact OCZ, they may have a few things for you to try that we haven't thought of (unlikely) but I think once you explain your issue, they'll have no problem with the RMA. It may be that one of the lower voltage rails is faulty, in which case everything not dependant upon it will work such as fans and led's etc...
  11. Dude i think it's the 4 pin. If the 4 pin does not work does it cause the pc not to boot? Because if that's the case i will just buy a molex to 4 pin (if those things are real, are they?) If they are real them i wpuld buy them because i have too many molex

    Happy Hollidays
  12. I guess it's worth a try....
  13. Going to have you check out this guide to PSU connectors and what they do
    There is nothing on the PSU you can 'fix' (and still keep it under warranty), nor are there any 'tricks' to installation. You really need to start the RMA process, like I said, if there is a fix OCZ will likely have you try it before they authorize the return but you need to at least start the RMA process to get them involved
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