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I am currently building a small sort of travel pc tower or for just medium gaming and I had a spare HD 6750 Core Edition XFX laying around which was a very disappointing card for a 100$ so I traded it in and spent a little extra to get a new card.
I ended up choosing a EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2GB Superclocked. Now, the GTX 550 has the worst reputation of any card I can think of and I always wondered why so I figured I would try this one out first in my main comp. I have a ASUS P8Z77 and an Intel Core i7 3770 and dual hd 6970s crossfire. I pulled out those two cards and setup the GTX 550.
So I have recently seen people posting about how the struggle for 25 fps on bf3 with two GTX 550 Tis in SLI on LOW settings.
I was able to play bf3 on ULTRA (Low AA, 4x AF) @1920x1080 at 40-50+ fps consistent.
Skyrim and Fallout no problem 60 fps on ultra.
So I am just curious did I just get 'lucky' or is there something about this card diff from other gtx550tis.
Maybe the 2gb VRAM or the Superclock? Idk
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    My initial guess, is that with the additional 1 GB of VRAM, that it helped bring it up to par with a gtx 460 with a decent OC. Allowing for higher resolution, more AF, and other eye candy that uses that resource.

    You also have a new CPU, too. So perhaps that helps out as well.
  2. people use sli 550ti's? I haven't seen any post like that. the 550ti isn't something that is suggested because usually in most peoples budgets, something could have easily changed in order to get a better gpu. Maybe those guys left AA on high. also vram is nice and healthy for high resolution gaming, but i doubt it would be as significant as 1gb vram is usually fine enough for a single monitor build.
  3. Yeah the SLI 550s seemed odd to me too but idk I have seen atleast 2 or 3 ppl with that. Still I don't see how a single 550ti 2gb could beat dual 550tis by ALOT. Maybe it is my CPU or ram.
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