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Hola guys.

I have a problem, when i have to shutdown my computer or hibernate (which happens a lot) my computer struggles to be turned on again, i have to press on and off until the light on the motherboard turns on, because otherwise every device turns on except the motherboard and i don't see anything on screen. First, it happened only two times a month or so, and i only needed to press "on/off" like, two times. It seems the failure has been increasing as the time goes, for example, this week it happened about 9 times and the last time it happened (today) i had to press "on/off" 20 times for the computer to turn on completely.

I'm guessing PSU is faulty, but what do you think? Is this known?
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  1. Nobody?
  2. It might be that your power switch on the case have loose contact or the cable of power switch snap and have partial contact somewhere.

    When u press the power switch, it send the signal to mobo (it short the power-on pin to the ground) then, mobo send the signal to the PSU to turn on the main supply and everything start to light up.

    If you got multimeter, u can check whether the fault is coming fromt he power on button or the cable that connect to the mobo.
    1) Power off ur system and disconnect power cable. Press the power button a few times to kill off any residual power inside.
    2) Take out the front cover of ur case and locate the back of the power button and u will see the 2 pins protruding out from there where the cable is soldered.
    3) Set the multimeter to "ohm" mode or "connectivity" mode and touch the 2 tips of multimeter ends to each pin and press the power button.
    4) If the multimeter showing some resistant value, ur power button is good. or else, it might be the cable problem.
    5) If the switch is good, unplug the power-on signal cable from the motherboard (there will be a twisted pair cable with 2 black sockets that goes into motherboard).
    6) Touch the 2 tips of multimeter to the end of each black sockets and press the power button. (if u have problem touching the metal contacts, u can unbend some paper clips and insert it into the black sockets to act as an extension). If u see any ohm value, ur cable is good, if not, it's a bad cable.
    7) U might want to shake the cable and repeat this test a few times to verify that there is no cable snapping somwhere.

    If both the test pass, it might be the other problem.

    If the test fail, there is a cheap DIY remedy to rectify it instead of buying a new case but u will need some basic soldering skills.
  3. Try unplugging and replugging the connection from your power button.
  4. Thank you guise, i think i already adressed the problem, i just increased the Vcore from the bios :??:

    Maybe 1.15v was too low for my OC, anyways, it's working fine now.

    Thank you again.
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    yeah man anytime :D
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