CCvs Uni.

I am having this issue here,

I want to go to college, but where?

going to CC would be good because it is cheaper. Downside- I do not get the university experience. Plus, Uni has graduate students or seniors help you along the way as a freshie ans Softie.

Uni would be good because I get the experience and all the technical and advanced learning on the first day. Downside- Too bloody damn expensive, specifically the US.


What do you guys recommend?

Share your thought and insight as well as fun stories,(or sad if you want.)
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  1. Community college all the way. It costs one third of what it costs going to uni. I can't imagine money not being an issue. You save $12000 (you can buy a nice starter car for that) by getting your AS Degree at a community collage compared to taking the classes at uni.

    Also most starter classes are smaller. Especially math and the composition courses. Smaller courses mean more 1on1 with the teachers and you also make friends faster. Furthermore the atmosphere in general is a lot more relaxed. At a community college people know each other and your not just a number like at a big state university.

    If you go to a community college, make sure to communicate with your counselors often and plan ahead what you want to do when your graduate. Start thinking about universities you want to apply to once you have graduated. Make sure you do get your AS degree, otherwise many universities will literally screw you over on transfer credits. At least in NJ they have to take your credits (up to 60-68 depending on schools) if you have an Associates, but don't have to if you are missing your degree. When I went to Uni my courses like statistic and calculus transferred over without any problems. My friend on the other hand didn't bother finishing his AS and as a result, the uni rejected his calculus and business law class. He had to retake those classes and paid yup $1000 each on top of the already spent $300 it cost him to take the classes at CC which didn't transfer.

    My search actually went in reverse. I first looked at universities I wanted to go to, and then applied to a community college that had good ties to said university. Talking to a careers/transfer adviser at the university you want to go to REALLY helps. Often times the advice given at the community college is straight out WRONG. Do not trust anything you hear from an adviser from the CC without double checking with the university! It will save you headache later.
  2. State uni costed me $1600/sem. If you look around, you may be able to get grants. I worked with someone at the uni that had 100% everything covered by grants for no other reason other than income. Then he got loans on top of it. He bought a car and paid for all of his rent during his entire 4 years with just loan money, which has no interest while in school.

    All the money he made at work was play money.

    I had everything covered 100% by loans, wasn't lucky enough to get grants because I was under my mom's insurance. If I wasn't, then I could have gotten tons of grants.
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