6950 2gb crossfire 700w

i got 6950 2gb crossfire and im worried about running them on 700w stealthXstream 2 i heard that i should have atleast 750w the rest of my sytem is

i7 3770
12gb ballistix
64gb m4 crucial ssd
128 ocz ssd
1tb hitachi
iceq 6950 2gb crossfire
700w stealthXstream 2

is this ok or am i pushing my psu ive done the thermaltake site and added it all up to 550w
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  1. its a year old hardly been used tho .i got a 650w ocz zs series which is brand new but i suppose using that would be much worst
  2. should i buy another one or would i be wasting money pc seems to be running ok its just i dont wanna fry any of my hardware like motherboard
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